winter rafaello


3 cups of milk

¾ cup of sugar

2 tablespoons of vanilla sugar

3 yolks

3 tablespoons of wheat flour (about 33 g)

3 tablespoons of potato flour (about 4 5g)

200 g butter (1 cube)

200 g of coconut flakes

2 packages of crackers of 180 g



Pour 2 cups of milk into a pot and boil. Pour sugar and vanilla sugar and stir, cooking. Egg yolks, milk, wheat flour and flour mixed with a whisk to combine the ingredients. Pour into hot milk and mix thoroughly with a whisk. Cook the pudding for a few minutes on low heat and stir constantly with a whisk (let it boil for a while). Leave it to cool. About 30 g of coconut shavings is roasted in a hot, dry pan. We often mix, so as not to burn them and when they lightly brown, we pour onto a cold plate. Add soft butter to the cold pudding and mix thoroughly. At the end of the game, add the coconut flakes and grind for a while. We divide the mass into 3 parts (you can translate the mass into 3 bowls). A form with dimensions of approximately 20 by 30 cm is lined with a layer of aluminum foil. On the film, we spread the first layer of crackers (if you do not manage to put the whole cracker at the end of the stacking process, cut it for example in half to fill the whole surface of the plate.) Spread the first part of the cream on the crackers, then the cracker layer again, the second cream layer, 3 layer 1 of the creamers and 3 layer of cream. So prepared dough sprinkle with roasted coconut flakes, put in the fridge best for the whole night, then the cake will be soft and moist.
If someone prefers sweeter cakes, you can add a whole glass of sugar to the cream instead of ¾ cup of sugar.